Provincetown Living, 2010, Cast iron and wood table, faux seal fur mat, china, china fragments, clam shell fragments, mussel shells, hand-knit doily, wool yarn, straight pins, metal thumbtacks, red vinyl, meringue cookies, strawberries. Regionally-specific performance and installation: The table was set with china plates, bowls and serveware piled with artist-baked meringue cookies shaped like seals, and one bowl filled with strawberries. The artist invited other artist friends to contribute dipping sauces for the performance; sauces were portioned out into individual plastic cups and labeled by contributor. During the performance, the artist wore a strawberry-patterned apron and walked around, offering sauces to visitors on a tray. Visitors were encouraged to walk on the shell and china fragments on the floor in order to take meringues from the table to dip and eat.

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